Me & You - 71

Definition of "nothing"...

Time does not wait for you or me or for anyone. The days pass and years go on. You move away from your near ones, you miss your dear ones. Your life changes, people around you change, you get new friends, too.

But your heart has those precious moments engraved in it, whether you want them or not. They are always there, making you happy at sad times, and sad at happy times.

You think about those gone days, and smile. Somebody asks you, " what's that for?" and you say "Nothing..." and keep feeling everything with that little smile...

Me & You - 70

A bit like you
A bit like me
Something like us
The Moon..

Sulky when it rains
Clouds give it pain
Bit mad & bit sane
The Moon..

Sleepy like a baby
Fresh like a morning
Cosy like your hug
The Moon..

Shining on the water
Glistening like a pearl
Filing up my heart like sea
The Moon..

Caressing the stars
Singing lullabies
The ever affectionate
The Moon..

Embracing with a smile
Touching my heart
Leaving me lost
The Moon..

In the dark nights
In deepest thoughts
I found it in you
The Moon..

Me & You - 75

काही गोष्टी आतवर उतरून सहजपणे तळ ढवळून काढतात.. त्रास देत नाहीत, आठवणी जरा वर तरंगत आणतात.. दुःखद आठवणी पण आवडतात मला.. मनात सलत नाही ते...