Me & You - 69

What is freedom in love?

Is it seeing that your man is not interested in what you are doing? Is he just letting you do anything? Are you 24*7 conscious of what he would say about each of your action? Do you like his say in everything you do?

Is it feeling alone and having no one with whom to share your innermost feelings, because the man you are involved in is entirely focused on his own work, on his important, magnificent, difficult career?

Is it you being concerned about his well-being all the time and he having no time to appreciate it? Do you understand that his dreams are as much important for him as your constant support?

Is it loving him whole heartedly and waiting for him each evening with all the enthusiasm; and seeing him off each time with a smile on lips and pain in heart? Is it seeing him sleeping peacefully and patting him with all your affection for him?

Is it telling him all your worries and yet assuring that you would be there to handle them all and he need not care about it a bit? Is it thinking of him each time you sit for a meal and see the empty seat besides since he is away?

Do you find it sexy and appealing that he works hard towards his goals and is always busy and just never sits idle? Do you think listening to his thoughts and plans is better than any music?

Do you think that his smile makes you melt instantly and it actually matters the most to you? Do you like looking at his glistening eyes when he is talking to you?

I think it is all that and many more things..We accept each other just the way we are, we ignore all the flaws and try to cover up for each other, we appreciate the virtues and focus on them..

Being cautiously concerned about him all the time, thinking about everything he does like an analyst, expressing your opinions from time to time and yet letting him do whatever he wants..

Let him be him, be you and stay strong with each other, and you both are sure to be together always..

Loyalty pays off well.. always!

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