Me & You - 57

Do you know, what's I am and you are for..

Do you know, that you have tied me to you with your silky enigma.. stop teasing me, come and caress me..

Do you know, that in my mind I have our home, where I worship each of our memory, with the rosary of my heart beats I keep saying your name..

Do you know, that how many times I feel you around me, and this distance between you and me exhausts me like anything..

Do you know, that each evening I try to console my mind, it still waits for your feet to touch this door..

Do you know, that my innocence becomes even softer when I see you, I feel like jumping around you happily through all the seasons..

Do you know, that the night and day are sweetly connected by the beautiful dawn, I wish to see you besides me on each dawn of our life..

Do you know, that am that musk in your heart which embraces me, makes me look for myself in you, and I find that am there in you..

Do you know, that am truly yours, because that's what I am made for..

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