Me & You - 42

मिल जाए उलझनो से फुरसत तो जरा सोचना,
क्या सिर्फ फुरसतों मे याद करने तक का रिश्ता है हमसे..
क्या पूछना उससे अब कोई सवाल...
वो लफ्जों का जादूगर..
घूमा-फिराके मुझे ही क़ातिल ठहरायेगा..
किस "रूई" से बने हैं, ना जाने किस "सूई" से सिले हैं ..
ये कुछ "धागे" तेरे मेरे अहसास के ...

Take some leisure out of the rush of life and think,
Is our relation limited to recalling each other at leisure only..
How can I question you any way,
You are the master of words..
In the end, it's me who would be proven guilty by you..
Don't know which cotton was used to weave them..
Don't know which needle was used to tie them..

Still so firm, the threads of our feeling for each other..

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