Me & You - 30

This is what can describe the situation when you say 'bye' each time -

" Loone as a lover with a lingering kisse,
About to part with the best half that's his,
Fine would he stay but that he fears to do it,
And curseth time for so fast hastening to it..

Now takes his leave, and yet begins anew,
To make lesse vows than are esteemed true,
Then sayes he must be gone, and then doth finde,
Something he should have spoke that's out of minde..

And whilst he stands to looke for't in her eyes,
Their sad-sweet glance so tye his faculties,
To thinke from what he parts, that he is now
As farre from leaving her, or knowing how..

As when he came, begins his former straine,
To kisse, to vow, and take his leave again,

Then turns, comes backe, sighes, parts, and yet doth goe..


Me & You - 69

What is freedom in love? Is it seeing that your man is not interested in what you are doing? Is he just letting you do anything? Are you ...