Me & You - 9

I know I worry a lot, I can't bear the thought of anything going wrong with you..

I know I care way to much, I know what happens when no one is there to care for you..

I know I love you too much, I have been hated a lot and have nothing else to feel than love for you..

I know I think of you a lot, but I know I can never feel that comfort again with anyone else that I felt sleeping on your shoulder..

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Me & You - 75

काही गोष्टी आतवर उतरून सहजपणे तळ ढवळून काढतात.. त्रास देत नाहीत, आठवणी जरा वर तरंगत आणतात.. दुःखद आठवणी पण आवडतात मला.. मनात सलत नाही ते...