Me & You - 7

I ask myself again and again.. What am I for you? You just tell me once, what am I for you? But do I know what are you for me..?

I look at you and think to myself, why are you so important for me? And why you say that I am always your priority?

I just can't sort my feelings for you, nor do I understand why do you love me..

People keep guessing the reason of my constant smile, and I don't know why your thought makes me happy...

How come you came in my life? How did you find me? Why are you so comfortable to be with? Why do I feel that I can tell you any stupid thing and you won't laugh at me?

Why do I like your lips? The way you kissed me first time, why can't I take it out of my head ever? Why do I keep feeling it even even today, like it's still happening again and again each moment..

Why is this happening to me? Why do you make me happy? Why do you make me blush? Why do I feel like hugging you tight each time I see you? Why do I feel so relaxed when you hug me? Like everything is possible..

This is maddening...

I miss you.. Don't know why.. Stop giving me sleepless nights...
I call you maddy, but you are not at all mad..
I call you dumbo, but you are actually bright n smart..
I say I hate you, but I actually don't..
I just.... Like you being around me.. Staring at me..

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