Me & You - 6

We may not be the best option for each other, but we are still better than others..

Whatever may be happening with us, let's just talk, we both can understand.. 

We do things as per our necessity at the situation, but then it's us only who have to take efforts to get out of it; & to stay away from it in future forever..

No crisis is that bad.. We have seen our enough share of bad time in various ways..

Have faith in yourself, in me, in us..

Let's sit together on terrace in middle of the night.. it's so peaceful...nothing moving till the end of your calm n dark..

The dark sky.. The chilling wind.. The silence...nothing to hear at all..
Clouds are blurry.. Stars are gazing a bit here & there..

Feeling the dry n cold weather deep inside..

Winter is on corner n sipping honey stirred warm water at late night from your cup.. Aah favorite thing for me..

Winter always brings back fond memories..

The festivities, the decor, the relatives, the happy kids, the lovely aromas from kitchen..

Winter is coming again.. Missing so many things..

My favorite blanket..
That window with my favorite seat to look at the lake besides..
The decor I did last year..
The beautiful rangoli sessions..
The fragrance of fresh asters n marigolds..
The early morning moon gazing from terrace..

And thinking of the missing warm hug  each such time, which I kept hoping for each time..

Do one thing for me.. If I ever wake up at odd time and feel sleepless, would you just hold me close so I can go back to sleep..?

Sleepless nights are freaky.. just bizarre.. blank and empty.. I don't want to experience them..

I want the cozy moments to be cherished.. spent by sitting together, talking, listening, cuddling, caressing, holding on to each other, being together..

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