Me & You - 22

He :
how can i show you, how can i??
how can i show you
you are the song of my heartbeat
you are the music of my life
you are my life, you are my devotion
you are my light, you are my freshness
you are my every happiness, you are my love
you are my affection, you are my soulmate
you are in my eyes, you are in my memories
you are in my breath, you are in my sighs
you are in my sleep, you are in my dreams
you are in my every word
you are in my days and nights
you are in dawn, you are in dusk
you are in my thoughts, you are in my work
for me, gaining is you
for me, losing is also you
for me, laughing is you
for me, crying is also you
and waking and sleeping are also you
wherever i go, wherever i look
you are there, you are right there
how can i show you
without you i am nothing at all
how can i show you
who you are to me
this beauty of yours
it is life's sunshine
your body is chisled from sandalwood
in which a flame is wavering
this loveliness, this intoxicating quality
you have gotten from the winds
your hair you have gotten from the clouds
upon your lips buds have blossomed
your eyes have become lakes
on your face are beams of moonlight
in your voice is melody
your body is like glass
your color is like flowers
your gait is like a river
what elegance, what a condition
the colorfulness of your body
is like thousands of butterflies
the roundness of your arms
the oases in your scarf
these are the cities of dreams
how can i show you
the condition of my anxious heart
how can i show you
who you are to me
how can i show you
for me, you are law
for me, you are conscience
you are my prayer
you are my desire
you are my wish
that I look at every moment
you are that picture
tum hi meri taqdeer ho - you are my fate
tum hi sitaara ho mera - you are my star
you are my sight
you are in my battles
as if you are shielding me
you are in the east, you are in the west
you are in the north, you are in the south
you are in my entire life
you are in every moment, 
you are in every instant
for me, you are the road
for me, you are also the destination
for me, you are the ocean
for me, you are also the shore
i only see you
i only think of you
i only know you
i only believe in you
you are my very recognition
how can i show you
you are a goddess to me
how can i show you
who you are to me

She : Love you...forever...

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