Me & You - 21

Why do I love you.. I still don't know..
Why do you love me... I don't know that either..

But it's like when you are not around I think a lot about you, get very insecure thinking who is there with you, get madly worried if you are safe n well fed..

And the moment I listen your voice on phone, it's like something totally different, it's so assuring and soothing to listen to you that it feels as if there are no problems in this world and everything is fine and perfect..

When you are away, everything everyone says seems like a complete lie, and when you are there, i just believe everything you say and feel at peace.. 

I know that I am very skeptical, I can hardly believe anyone, but somehow when you are there with me, i just don't need to know anything, don't feel like asking anything.. I just feel relaxed and in love with life..

I never knew that a person can change my life, my thinking, my feeling, but that is happening in real.. it's just peacefully confirming that life is beautiful 😊

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