Me & You - 14

May it rain again, may the earth be wet again May my sky come ahead again then Putting aside the locks of clouds With his bright eyes with sunshine in them.. May he see the beautiful blue inked sea May he see the moon floating in water May he feel the cool waves like sandalwood on his feet I want all that soothing feeling for him.. May he see the lush green trees Standing like d├ęcor in the red clay May he see the turns in the road besides the stream Taking him to our abode’s way… Our abode is full of golden rays of sun Our abode has birds singing around It’s surrounded by hills and the green fog It’s cosy with breezes of love and affection… It’s chirping with our dear ones around I know he loves that sound as his favourite part And I am there inside, waiting for him Carrying all his deep blue love in my heart..

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