Me & You - 10

Stay as you are..

A little pain, a little relief..

Stay as you are slow like a gentle breeze, or a passion..

A little silky, you are my love A little rough..

Sometimes you are stubborn & fight with me or are full of fragrance..

Don’t want to change you 

Not even in the least Un-decorated, Unaltered 

Neither more nor less

I like you, just the way you are

I want to drench myself in your rain and get dissolved in it..

I like you, just the way you are

I want to get burnt in your flame, and burn away to ashes.. 

If you give me wounds,You soothe me too

I love even a wound like that..

Ocean, O Ocean (of love),Let me sink (in that love).. 

If we have to hold hands and walk how our right hands could be together

One would be right, and one would be left,

Hold my hands.. hold these hands

Hold as we have to walk together..

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