Me & You - 1

We both are like strong sun signs, dominating, sweet cookies but hard to chew, we both try to avoid fire n thunder but still that's what is inside us, we give endless chances because we don't give up, we are playful lovers but play with each other unintentionally... Weird...

You are like passionate but your busy schedule sometimes offends me like mad.. am still coping n being creative to sustain but feel insecure at times.. am like aquatic loon n you are like fire squad hawk, like both are hunters but from different angles towards same prey..

We both need a date but a recognition too as it won't stop at single date.. we cannot and will not lose it between us.. we show off like "I fucking don't care"..., but the reality is we still wish to give our 100%..

We both are so  messed up n so freaky that we can be compatible with ourselves only.. a bit hurtful it is, hence I wish to be like detox for your wounds and you be the safeguarding bandage to me..

We are so bizarre that we believe each other n yet become bitter sometimes without any plan, we both are mad but we are surely not revengeful types.. 

Being professional, we have a run for work and money at times...but we also need to take out time to run towards each other, right? .... We should not miss the touch, the affection, the peaceful feeling..

I may seem fucking rude at times, and it hurts myself too, but hurting you is never on the know that, right? See, we may fight, we may argue, like hell bent, but still a hug can end the whole issue.. due to my stupid innocence i get the unnecessary guilt on me at times, help me shake it off.. 

We both are emotional but at least you are open about it and am like still thinking should I open up or not, my trust issues don't let me.. it may make us become salty n sarcastic, but same time we don't even want it..

We are like crazy killers, but shouldn't scratch each other, and still we do the same idiot thing n are like " to make up for that now".. n we try to do it somehow because we can't just sit still n have to do it..

We don't need to be glamorous together, but just delightful.. that's seriously enough for us..  you want me to like you and I do, but still missing out on something.. and I just don't know what that is..

You get angry n keep building it up n so it takes time for you to get down i guess.. and I am like damn furious quickly but calm down even speedily.. 

You know what is still more weird here, our mad hectic work schedule through the day and then the sleepless nights till early mornings thinking of each other.. Both are pathetic killers for my heart.. i can't control any of them n i still like both of them.. so sometimes I hate you most but I also.... You know...

You know I will always listen to you and I know you will never walk away...

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