Me & You - 22

He :
how can i show you, how can i??
how can i show you
you are the song of my heartbeat
you are the music of my life
you are my life, you are my devotion
you are my light, you are my freshness
you are my every happiness, you are my love
you are my affection, you are my soulmate
you are in my eyes, you are in my memories
you are in my breath, you are in my sighs
you are in my sleep, you are in my dreams
you are in my every word
you are in my days and nights
you are in dawn, you are in dusk
you are in my thoughts, you are in my work
for me, gaining is you
for me, losing is also you
for me, laughing is you
for me, crying is also you
and waking and sleeping are also you
wherever i go, wherever i look
you are there, you are right there
how can i show you
without you i am nothing at all
how can i show you
who you are to me
this beauty of yours
it is life's sunshine
your body is chisled from sandalwood
in which a flame is wavering
this loveliness, this intoxicating quality
you have gotten from the winds
your hair you have gotten from the clouds
upon your lips buds have blossomed
your eyes have become lakes
on your face are beams of moonlight
in your voice is melody
your body is like glass
your color is like flowers
your gait is like a river
what elegance, what a condition
the colorfulness of your body
is like thousands of butterflies
the roundness of your arms
the oases in your scarf
these are the cities of dreams
how can i show you
the condition of my anxious heart
how can i show you
who you are to me
how can i show you
for me, you are law
for me, you are conscience
you are my prayer
you are my desire
you are my wish
that I look at every moment
you are that picture
tum hi meri taqdeer ho - you are my fate
tum hi sitaara ho mera - you are my star
you are my sight
you are in my battles
as if you are shielding me
you are in the east, you are in the west
you are in the north, you are in the south
you are in my entire life
you are in every moment, 
you are in every instant
for me, you are the road
for me, you are also the destination
for me, you are the ocean
for me, you are also the shore
i only see you
i only think of you
i only know you
i only believe in you
you are my very recognition
how can i show you
you are a goddess to me
how can i show you
who you are to me

She : Love you...forever...

Me & You - 21

Why do I love you.. I still don't know..
Why do you love me... I don't know that either..

But it's like when you are not around I think a lot about you, get very insecure thinking who is there with you, get madly worried if you are safe n well fed..

And the moment I listen your voice on phone, it's like something totally different, it's so assuring and soothing to listen to you that it feels as if there are no problems in this world and everything is fine and perfect..

When you are away, everything everyone says seems like a complete lie, and when you are there, i just believe everything you say and feel at peace.. 

I know that I am very skeptical, I can hardly believe anyone, but somehow when you are there with me, i just don't need to know anything, don't feel like asking anything.. I just feel relaxed and in love with life..

I never knew that a person can change my life, my thinking, my feeling, but that is happening in real.. it's just peacefully confirming that life is beautiful 😊

Me & You - 20

When I need you
I just close my eyes and I'm with you,
And all that I so wanna give you
It's only a heartbeat away..

When I need love
I hold out my hands and I touch love,
I never knew there was so much love
Keeping me warm night and day..

Miles and miles of empty space in between us,
The telephone can't take the place of your smile,
But you know I won't be travelin' forever,
It's cold out, but hold out, and do like I do..

It's only a heartbeat away..

It's not easy when the road is your driver,
Honey that's a heavy load that we bear..
But you know I won't be traveling a lifetime,
Oh, I need you..

I just hold out my hands, and I'm with you darling..
Yes, I'm with you darling..

All I wanna give you
It's only a heartbeat away,

Oh, I need you darling..

Me & you - 19

I can live without you, but I can't be happy without you..

I can stay away from you, but I can't survive without your love..

And again you left without saying anything..
And again you would come there in my dreams without permission..
And again you would play with the strings of my heart..

It's not a good habit..
But this music of our love..
I like it..

Love is a game, that I shall play with you..
If I win, you are mine, if lost am for you always..

Me & you - 18

Together we shall fly, up n away in the sky
No more loneliness.. Take a chance n try

Take me in your arms and forget the world..
My "I" would melt away and your "You" would stay off..

What else to ask from life?
Living together would become a celebration!
You would be mine & I would you yours for eternal !

People meet us with faces, borrowed, nothing original..
Eyes are filled up with tears, but like great fake articles..

To get higher ranks, they get down to lowest..
These shadows around us... it's like a world of darkness..!

I am here to take you in me, you are here to hold me strong...we will be safe.

Me & you - 17

Not in the evening's eye,
When they red with weeping are..

For the sun that dies,
Sits sorrow with a face so fair..

Nowhere but here did ever meet,
Sweetness so sad, sadness so sweet..

- The Weeper by Richard Crashaw

That's how we feel about each other.. 
Like we belong to each other forever and still like we will not be with each other ever..

It's so crucial.. so painful..

Me & You - 16

Have I told you how good it feels to be me, when I'm in you?

I can only stay clean when you are around.
Don't let me fall..

If I close my eyes forever, would it ease the pain?
Could I breathe again?

Maybe I'm addicted,
I'm out of control,
but you're the drug that keeps me from dying.

Maybe I'm a liar,
but all I really know,
is you're the only reason I'm trying.

I'm wasted away.
I made a million mistakes.
Am I too late?

There's a storm in my head; it rains on my bed, when you're not here..

I'm not afraid of dying, but I am afraid of losing you.

When you're lying next to me, love is going through to me.
Oh, it's beautiful..
Everything is clear to me..

'til I hit reality
and lose it all...I lose it all.

You're the only reason, the only reason I'm trying, I'm trying, I'm trying, I'm trying...

Don't want to lose it all..

Yeah, you know I'm you.

He : 💓
She : 😊

Me & You - 15

ऐ जिंदगी तेरे लम्हों का, इम्तेहा भरी साँसों का.. गुजर चुके हम कईयों से, कुछ का अभी बाकी है.. लम्हे कुछ प्यार भरे, और कभी तनहा से.. वक्त हमेशा कहता है, इंतजार अभी बाकी है.. कोई किसी से क्या कहे, ओर कोई क्या सुने.. बात जरा सी उलझन में, सुलझना अभी बाकी है.. अहसास लिपटा सीने में, भरम तेरे होने का.. देता है सदा कभी, के जीना अभी बाकी है..

Me & You - 14

May it rain again, may the earth be wet again May my sky come ahead again then Putting aside the locks of clouds With his bright eyes with sunshine in them.. May he see the beautiful blue inked sea May he see the moon floating in water May he feel the cool waves like sandalwood on his feet I want all that soothing feeling for him.. May he see the lush green trees Standing like décor in the red clay May he see the turns in the road besides the stream Taking him to our abode’s way… Our abode is full of golden rays of sun Our abode has birds singing around It’s surrounded by hills and the green fog It’s cosy with breezes of love and affection… It’s chirping with our dear ones around I know he loves that sound as his favourite part And I am there inside, waiting for him Carrying all his deep blue love in my heart..

Me & You - 13

Never felt so sad
Never felt so empty
Never felt so alone
Never felt so in love

Can't bear not talking to you
Can't bear not seeing you
Can't bear being away from you
Can't bear being without you

I know not why I care for you
I know not why I miss you
I know not why I think you
I know not why I love you

I know I will live life
I know I will keep surviving
I know I will keep going on
I know I will keep breathing

But even breathing without you has become very hard for me
I really don't understand what you have done to me
I just don't want to be without you even for a while
I just love you looking at me with your cute smile

Me & You - 12

He : Well if there comes a competition where they need to declare who is your favorite fan, I'm going to be the one coming first in that competition!

She : I will call off the competition, and kick off other brainless buffoons!

He : That's why I love you.

Me & You - 11

I think of you with love, but that's not new..

I thought about you yesterday and days before that too..

I think of you in silence, I often speak your name...

The memories of our first date and your pics besides my bed...

Your voice is my keep sake with which my heart will never part..

You know not how deep you stay in my heart...

Have you given me amnesia pumpkin? Just can't sleep..

Love is weird thing I guess..

Silent night.. sleepless night...

Me & You - 10

Stay as you are..

A little pain, a little relief..

Stay as you are slow like a gentle breeze, or a passion..

A little silky, you are my love A little rough..

Sometimes you are stubborn & fight with me or are full of fragrance..

Don’t want to change you 

Not even in the least Un-decorated, Unaltered 

Neither more nor less

I like you, just the way you are

I want to drench myself in your rain and get dissolved in it..

I like you, just the way you are

I want to get burnt in your flame, and burn away to ashes.. 

If you give me wounds,You soothe me too

I love even a wound like that..

Ocean, O Ocean (of love),Let me sink (in that love).. 

If we have to hold hands and walk how our right hands could be together

One would be right, and one would be left,

Hold my hands.. hold these hands

Hold as we have to walk together..

Me & You - 9

I know I worry a lot, I can't bear the thought of anything going wrong with you..

I know I care way to much, I know what happens when no one is there to care for you..

I know I love you too much, I have been hated a lot and have nothing else to feel than love for you..

I know I think of you a lot, but I know I can never feel that comfort again with anyone else that I felt sleeping on your shoulder..

Me & You - 8

A special world for you and me
A special bond one cannot see
It wraps us up in its cocoon
And holds us fiercely in its womb.

Its fingers spread like fine spun gold
Gently nestling us to the fold
Like silken thread it holds us fast
Bonds like this are meant to last.

And though at times a thread may break
A new one forms in its wake
To bind us closer and keep us strong

In a special world, where we belong.

Me & You - 7

I ask myself again and again.. What am I for you? You just tell me once, what am I for you? But do I know what are you for me..?

I look at you and think to myself, why are you so important for me? And why you say that I am always your priority?

I just can't sort my feelings for you, nor do I understand why do you love me..

People keep guessing the reason of my constant smile, and I don't know why your thought makes me happy...

How come you came in my life? How did you find me? Why are you so comfortable to be with? Why do I feel that I can tell you any stupid thing and you won't laugh at me?

Why do I like your lips? The way you kissed me first time, why can't I take it out of my head ever? Why do I keep feeling it even even today, like it's still happening again and again each moment..

Why is this happening to me? Why do you make me happy? Why do you make me blush? Why do I feel like hugging you tight each time I see you? Why do I feel so relaxed when you hug me? Like everything is possible..

This is maddening...

I miss you.. Don't know why.. Stop giving me sleepless nights...
I call you maddy, but you are not at all mad..
I call you dumbo, but you are actually bright n smart..
I say I hate you, but I actually don't..
I just.... Like you being around me.. Staring at me..

Me & You - 6

We may not be the best option for each other, but we are still better than others..

Whatever may be happening with us, let's just talk, we both can understand.. 

We do things as per our necessity at the situation, but then it's us only who have to take efforts to get out of it; & to stay away from it in future forever..

No crisis is that bad.. We have seen our enough share of bad time in various ways..

Have faith in yourself, in me, in us..

Let's sit together on terrace in middle of the night.. it's so peaceful...nothing moving till the end of your calm n dark..

The dark sky.. The chilling wind.. The silence...nothing to hear at all..
Clouds are blurry.. Stars are gazing a bit here & there..

Feeling the dry n cold weather deep inside..

Winter is on corner n sipping honey stirred warm water at late night from your cup.. Aah favorite thing for me..

Winter always brings back fond memories..

The festivities, the decor, the relatives, the happy kids, the lovely aromas from kitchen..

Winter is coming again.. Missing so many things..

My favorite blanket..
That window with my favorite seat to look at the lake besides..
The decor I did last year..
The beautiful rangoli sessions..
The fragrance of fresh asters n marigolds..
The early morning moon gazing from terrace..

And thinking of the missing warm hug  each such time, which I kept hoping for each time..

Do one thing for me.. If I ever wake up at odd time and feel sleepless, would you just hold me close so I can go back to sleep..?

Sleepless nights are freaky.. just bizarre.. blank and empty.. I don't want to experience them..

I want the cozy moments to be cherished.. spent by sitting together, talking, listening, cuddling, caressing, holding on to each other, being together..

Me & You - 5

The way God has blessed you, you have never known..

The Shine in your eyes that reflect your happiness..

More I think of them, the more I need to look at them..

The way you look at me, my eyes just turn down with shyness..

Though I love looking at your pictures, I just blush in front of you..

In all those crowded hearts around me, I feel just your heartbeat..

The smile which has always been so special for me, which melts my heart..

The reflection of me seen in your eyes, makes me mad to look at you again..

I feel shy when you touch me and take me in your arms..

The smile I have on face when I look at your eyes spreads such sweetness in me..

Your voice then makes it even harder to resist you.. 

You are absolutely made for me..!

Me & You - 4

सावळासा मेघ.. अनावर तो वारा..
घट्ट मिठीत दोघे ते आले...

तृप्त अन् स्वच्छंद बरसात.. धुंद गंधाची सुंदर सकाळ..
चिंब ओली मी झाले !

Me & You - 3

We have lost a lot, need to earn all that back.. It may take time, but will be done..
We shall work hard on it together..

And when it's done, we are gonna sit besides a lake and watch the fish in it for hours..

It's on our dream list

We shall count the waves on water.. Observe the birds around..

And cook a meal together with our favorites..

Even these smallest things have become scarce..

We both are actually damn scared.. we both don't want any of this pain.. It feels like we are going through frustrating times..

We both know.. It takes a lot to feel all that again..

Me & You - 2

My buddy, my love.. 
The love that I never had in my whole life till date....

When I think of you 
I don't know what to do & not sure when will I get to see you again....

I miss you like crazy...
You know like just far more than any words in any dictionary can express...

I miss you like super insane, every moment, wherever I am, whatever I may be doing...

I'm so down when you are not around and you are on back of my mind even when am sleeping...

I dream about you many times... that's how much I miss you...

You are all that I want, all that I need, all I want to feel, pleasure, or pain...

You call me sweet what I ever wanted...

Why didn't we meet earlier...

And every time you send me a message or make a call, I miss you even more...

Whenever am alone, I can see you sitting besides me, I then just sneak in your arms and put my head on your shoulders....

I know, it's weird, but I can actually feel your right now you are there, lying calmly besides, head on my lap, tickling me, talking to me...

Your name feels like giving me a big smile inside... adding bubbles in my stomach and making me feel cute n funny...

You are like my investment in a cute future full of quality time n lots of giggles, meals together n sleep in each others' arms peacefully..

Love makes life so comfortable to live..

Me & You - 1

We both are like strong sun signs, dominating, sweet cookies but hard to chew, we both try to avoid fire n thunder but still that's what is inside us, we give endless chances because we don't give up, we are playful lovers but play with each other unintentionally... Weird...

You are like passionate but your busy schedule sometimes offends me like mad.. am still coping n being creative to sustain but feel insecure at times.. am like aquatic loon n you are like fire squad hawk, like both are hunters but from different angles towards same prey..

We both need a date but a recognition too as it won't stop at single date.. we cannot and will not lose it between us.. we show off like "I fucking don't care"..., but the reality is we still wish to give our 100%..

We both are so  messed up n so freaky that we can be compatible with ourselves only.. a bit hurtful it is, hence I wish to be like detox for your wounds and you be the safeguarding bandage to me..

We are so bizarre that we believe each other n yet become bitter sometimes without any plan, we both are mad but we are surely not revengeful types.. 

Being professional, we have a run for work and money at times...but we also need to take out time to run towards each other, right? .... We should not miss the touch, the affection, the peaceful feeling..

I may seem fucking rude at times, and it hurts myself too, but hurting you is never on the know that, right? See, we may fight, we may argue, like hell bent, but still a hug can end the whole issue.. due to my stupid innocence i get the unnecessary guilt on me at times, help me shake it off.. 

We both are emotional but at least you are open about it and am like still thinking should I open up or not, my trust issues don't let me.. it may make us become salty n sarcastic, but same time we don't even want it..

We are like crazy killers, but shouldn't scratch each other, and still we do the same idiot thing n are like " to make up for that now".. n we try to do it somehow because we can't just sit still n have to do it..

We don't need to be glamorous together, but just delightful.. that's seriously enough for us..  you want me to like you and I do, but still missing out on something.. and I just don't know what that is..

You get angry n keep building it up n so it takes time for you to get down i guess.. and I am like damn furious quickly but calm down even speedily.. 

You know what is still more weird here, our mad hectic work schedule through the day and then the sleepless nights till early mornings thinking of each other.. Both are pathetic killers for my heart.. i can't control any of them n i still like both of them.. so sometimes I hate you most but I also.... You know...

You know I will always listen to you and I know you will never walk away...

Me & You - 69

What is freedom in love? Is it seeing that your man is not interested in what you are doing? Is he just letting you do anything? Are you ...