Me & You - 73

कधी जर मी बहकले, आणि चुकून तुझे नाव ओठी आले,

तर फक्त एक स्मितहास्य कर,
आणि नाकारून टाक मला पूर्णपणे !

तशीही मी कुणीच नाहीये नं..

Me & You - 72

प्राजक्ताचा सडा, मोगऱ्याची धुंदी, रातराणीचा सुगंध आणि
गुलमोहोराचा बहर..

हे सारं तसं छान आहे रे..
पण सगळं कसं काही काळापुरतंच..

मला नं म्हणून कधी कधी सदाफुली आवडीची वाटते.. 

सदा फुलणारी..
पानापानावर हसणारी.. कोणताही ऋतू असो..
गुलाबी रंगाची उधळण करणारी..

आणि हे बाकीचे क्षणिक बहर तुझ्यासारखे..
तुझ्या मनाप्रमाणे..
तुला हवे तसे आणि तेंव्हाच मोजून मापून..

तुझं प्रेमही तसंच ना रे.. हवं तेंव्हा.. 
हवं तितकंच..
आणि हवं तसंच..

मला गरज असो वा नसो तू पावसासारखा कोसळत राहतोस माझ्या मनावर.. 

आणि मी जेंव्हा आसुसते तेंव्हा मात्र अगदी..

मनाच्या भेगांमधे फक़्त माझा एकटेपणा पाझरत असतो..
आणि तुला त्याचा पत्ताच नसतो..

तुझ्या मनाच्या किंचित ओलाव्याची वाट पाहत मी तुझ्यासाठी झुरत राहते..

तुझ्यावाचून मी किती एकटी किती रिक्त आहे, याची जाणीव होत राहते.. 
खूप वेळ..

आणि मग नव्या उमेदीने तुझ्या बहराची वाट पाहत राहते..
कधीतरी फुलशील.. 
फक्त माझ्यासाठी..
हो ना?

Me & You - 71

Definition of "nothing"...

Time does not wait for you or me or for anyone. The days pass and years go on. You move away from your near ones, you miss your dear ones. Your life changes, people around you change, you get new friends, too.

But your heart has those precious moments engraved in it, whether you want them or not. They are always there, making you happy at sad times, and sad at happy times.

You think about those gone days, and smile. Somebody asks you, " what's that for?" and you say "Nothing..." and keep feeling everything with that little smile...

Me & You - 70

A bit like you
A bit like me
Something like us
The Moon..

Sulky when it rains
Clouds give it pain
Bit mad & bit sane
The Moon..

Sleepy like a baby
Fresh like a morning
Cosy like your hug
The Moon..

Shining on the water
Glistening like a pearl
Filing up my heart like sea
The Moon..

Caressing the stars
Singing lullabies
The ever affectionate
The Moon..

Embracing with a smile
Touching my heart
Leaving me lost
The Moon..

In the dark nights
In deepest thoughts
I found it in you
The Moon..

Me & You - 69

What is freedom in love?

Is it seeing that your man is not interested in what you are doing? Is he just letting you do anything? Are you 24*7 conscious of what he would say about each of your action? Do you like his say in everything you do?

Is it feeling alone and having no one with whom to share your innermost feelings, because the man you are involved in is entirely focused on his own work, on his important, magnificent, difficult career?

Is it you being concerned about his well-being all the time and he having no time to appreciate it? Do you understand that his dreams are as much important for him as your constant support?

Is it loving him whole heartedly and waiting for him each evening with all the enthusiasm; and seeing him off each time with a smile on lips and pain in heart? Is it seeing him sleeping peacefully and patting him with all your affection for him?

Is it telling him all your worries and yet assuring that you would be there to handle them all and he need not care about it a bit? Is it thinking of him each time you sit for a meal and see the empty seat besides since he is away?

Do you find it sexy and appealing that he works hard towards his goals and is always busy and just never sits idle? Do you think listening to his thoughts and plans is better than any music?

Do you think that his smile makes you melt instantly and it actually matters the most to you? Do you like looking at his glistening eyes when he is talking to you?

I think it is all that and many more things..We accept each other just the way we are, we ignore all the flaws and try to cover up for each other, we appreciate the virtues and focus on them..

Being cautiously concerned about him all the time, thinking about everything he does like an analyst, expressing your opinions from time to time and yet letting him do whatever he wants..

Let him be him, be you and stay strong with each other, and you both are sure to be together always..

Loyalty pays off well.. always!

Me & You - 68

While you are away..
It's raining..
The flowing road, the rushing vehicles, the umbrellas, the wet land, the quick pairs of feet, the noises..

While you are away..
It's raining..
The blowing wind, the falling leaves, the dampness, the washed out trees, the droopy branches, the withered flowers..

While you are away..
It's raining..
The smell of hot crispy snacks,   the brewing coffee, the clinking cups, the chatting friends, the giggling sounds, the full house..

While you are away..
It's raining..
The urge to be in your arms, the longing for your kiss on my forehead, the missing whispers, the soft call of my name from your lips, the eyes looking at me, the loneliness..

While you are away..
I am waiting..

Me & You - 67

Take me in your arms and hold me tight..

I stare at you and you smile so bright..

The more I think, the more I feel right..

You are my shining armoured black horse rider knight..

Prince of my dreams, my peace, my love, my soul, my light..

Let me kiss you my Sweets & say good night..

Me & You - 66

The night and it's timeless curves..
A gentle flame ignites the yearns..
Tangled in the softness of our hearts..
Our hearts beat in every rhythm of us..
Culminating fire..
Intoxicated by scent of love..
Melting like ice..
Flowing like river..
The darkness outside..
The sparkle in your eyes..
The source of my life..

Me & You - 65

No one gets us, our untied bond..
They stay away, call us weird couple..
Haha..Good to be away from their cctv eyes..

They think our promises are fake..
They call our dreams stupid..
They doubt our identities..

We still stand strong together,
And hold each other like delicate flower..

We are two stranded souls,
That a midnight moment brought together..

We love, we trust, we care, yes we do..
We are for each other, we are together !

Me & You - 64

The night with you..

The soft feathers of your touch gently moving on me.. 
Like dew drops rolling down my cheeks..
The way your fingers move down like silk on my neck..
The way I shiver with each of your move on me..
Our eyes do the talking, staring at each other, locked, mesmerized..
You move, make me move, and we get into each other, soul deep..
Slowly our fingers are entangled, and then you grip my wrists..

The sky gets darker, gets down and closer..
The moments get smoother, softer, lovelier..
You look at me and I feel your eyelids caressing me..
Our breaths get mixed and we feel each other inside..
Dear, our thoughts too get mingled here..

Each night gets the silver lining of your touch..
I keep looking at each line, each design of each cloud..
Darker, the better.. My sky..
And slowly the dawn is there in saffron shades..
Makes me realize your existence in me..
I get lost in the golden hour..

The Morning with you..

Me & You - 73

कधी जर मी बहकले, आणि चुकून तुझे नाव ओठी आले, तर फक्त एक स्मितहास्य कर, आणि नाकारून टाक मला पूर्णपणे ! तशीही मी कुणीच नाहीये नं..