Me & You - 69

What is freedom in love?

Is it seeing that your man is not interested in what you are doing? Is he just letting you do anything? Are you 24*7 conscious of what he would say about each of your action? Do you like his say in everything you do?

Is it feeling alone and having no one with whom to share your innermost feelings, because the man you are involved in is entirely focused on his own work, on his important, magnificent, difficult career?

Is it you being concerned about his well-being all the time and he having no time to appreciate it? Do you understand that his dreams are as much important for him as your constant support?

Is it loving him whole heartedly and waiting for him each evening with all the enthusiasm; and seeing him off each time with a smile on lips and pain in heart? Is it seeing him sleeping peacefully and patting him with all your affection for him?

Is it telling him all your worries and yet assuring that you would be there to handle them all and he need not care about it a bit? Is it thinking of him each time you sit for a meal and see the empty seat besides since he is away?

Do you find it sexy and appealing that he works hard towards his goals and is always busy and just never sits idle? Do you think listening to his thoughts and plans is better than any music?

Do you think that his smile makes you melt instantly and it actually matters the most to you? Do you like looking at his glistening eyes when he is talking to you?

I think it is all that and many more things..We accept each other just the way we are, we ignore all the flaws and try to cover up for each other, we appreciate the virtues and focus on them..

Being cautiously concerned about him all the time, thinking about everything he does like an analyst, expressing your opinions from time to time and yet letting him do whatever he wants..

Let him be him, be you and stay strong with each other, and you both are sure to be together always..

Loyalty pays off well.. always!

Me & You - 67

Take me in your arms and hold me tight..

I stare at you and you smile so bright..

The more I think, the more I feel right..

You are my shining armoured black horse rider knight..

Prince of my dreams, my peace, my love, my soul, my light..

Let me kiss you my Sweets & say good night..

Me & You - 65

No one gets us, our untied bond..
They stay away, call us weird couple..
Haha..Good to be away from their cctv eyes..

They think our promises are fake..
They call our dreams stupid..
They doubt our identities..

We still stand strong together,
And hold each other like delicate flower..

We are two stranded souls,
That a midnight moment brought together..

We love, we trust, we care, yes we do..
We are for each other, we are together !

Me & You - 63

If A Woman Has These Qualities You Should Never Let Her Go -

When it comes to the one a woman loves, she will leave her comfort zone without question to make him happy, and take care of little things for him. Many women are givers, this is one way to show their love and care. If you know a woman who is ready to put effort into your happiness, don’t ever let her go, she is priceless.

A good woman may be hard to find, but they do exist. If you find a woman with the following qualities never let her go because she is the right one for you, who can change your life:

• She frequently does little things for you -
It’s important for men to consistently be romantic and caring towards their women always, not just in the beginning of the relationship. You may be taken for granted for your giving behavior but the woman who values your love is the right one.

If she is willing to go the extra mile and do small things for you out of love without any expectations, it’s a great sign that she’s a keeper.

• The one who is smarter than you -
A guy needs a woman who is smart enough to set things right in his disorganized life. She can make your life meaningful and help keep you from bad decisions. They are right when they say that behind every successful man there is a strong woman.

• The one who makes you want to be better -
When Ms. Right walks into your life you may start paying more attention to it, you want to do better and excel in every field. Suddenly you start paying attention to your looks. She ignites the fire within you to do something big. Hold onto her and do wonders in your life.

• The one who tells you when you are wrong -
Every man needs someone who will tell him, nicely, when he is wrong. There is an innate quality in many to make poor decisions. Being with a woman who keeps you on the right path and tells you when you are wrong is the best decision you can make.

• The one who is kind and nurturing -
A kind woman is a good woman. Anyone who is not kind is not worth it. Being a nurturer is an excellent quality. If you want to have children, or if you already do, look for a mate who also wants children.

• The one who helps you find your happiness -
Being happy is important, and while happiness lies within us, there are people who make it harder to be happy around them. Happiness is something you feel, you should not have to make a huge effort to achieve it. Celebrate the little moments together, survive the bad times together, support each other, and you will feel good about being with her.

• One who is vivacious -
Life can get boring at times, but if you have a partner who is vivacious, energetic, adventurous, and full of life, she can help turn dull moments into lively ones.

• One who can compromise -
We are all stubborn in our own way, we want things to go our way, some of us do not easily adapt to change and get anxious trying to control outcomes. Relationships, however, require compromise. If she is ready to compromise with you then she is worth it.

• One who is strong and passionate -
She may be the one for you if she is a combination of strength, passion, and femininity. A life without passion can be dull. If you believe she is passionate about you and has the strength to walk by your side then make her your life partner and never leave.

• The one who loves you -
Last but not the least, the basic essential of a happy life is a loving partner. The one who will care for you and respect those who are important to you will always make you proud. If your girl is completely in love with you, good points and bad, don’t ever take her for granted. Let her know you love her too.

Me & You - 61

I know I get sulky at times, but not you ever, okay,
else who will console us?

It's just a little crack of my anger, but don't make it a gap with yours,
else who will fill it up later?

I would seal my lips, but don't you keep mum,
else who will make us talk again?

It's just a little issue of mine, but don't you get serious about it,
else who will handle our relation?

I get sad when you are away, but don't you let me be so longer,
else who will soothe the grief?

I won't say sorry for anything, but you know me better,
else who will forgive the innocent mistakes?

I get lost without you, but don't you get carried away,
else who will keep me on track?

I have the little ego, but you will keep yours under control,
else who will pamper mine?

It's a small life of mine, but don't you cut short yours,
else who will carry my memories?

I will be gone some day, but don't you leave me till then,
else who will love me madly like yours?

Me & You - 59

What is loneliness..

That which I feel with strangers..

That which excludes from my own people..

That which I have asked for myself many a times..

That which makes me realize that am incomplete without you..

That feeling when I can't hold your hand in the crowd..

That search for your current location on map when you travel..

That stray eyes looking for you when you are not around..

That sense of being without you, for you, lost in you..

Me & You - 58

I would like to become rain for you
I would greet you with all my passion
I would drip down your hair on your back
I would cool down all your aches

I would bring petrichor for you
I would feel the warmth in your breath
I would run through the black clouds
I would slowly sneak in your arms

I would make a place in your heart
I would rest all your agonies 
I would cool down your nightmares
I would bring you best of your dreams

I would clasp your hand in mine
I would give wings to your ideas
I would be your sweet memory anywhere you go
I would be your tears of happiness

I would be companion of your lonely soul
I would be your shining smile
I would be your reason to come back home
I would be there for you always

Me & You - 57

Do you know, what's I am and you are for..

Do you know, that you have tied me to you with your silky enigma.. stop teasing me, come and caress me..

Do you know, that in my mind I have our home, where I worship each of our memory, with the rosary of my heart beats I keep saying your name..

Do you know, that how many times I feel you around me, and this distance between you and me exhausts me like anything..

Do you know, that each evening I try to console my mind, it still waits for your feet to touch this door..

Do you know, that my innocence becomes even softer when I see you, I feel like jumping around you happily through all the seasons..

Do you know, that the night and day are sweetly connected by the beautiful dawn, I wish to see you besides me on each dawn of our life..

Do you know, that am that musk in your heart which embraces me, makes me look for myself in you, and I find that am there in you..

Do you know, that am truly yours, because that's what I am made for..

Me & You - 52

With the morning dew, forget all worries, feel the soft petals of blooming flowers on your lips..

Feel the madness of the slightly raising warmth of sun,
Feel the pain of being away from your love..

You wander through the day, the dim lights of evening make you halt a while, your eyes see me, though am not there..

Midnight approaches you, and you feel my touch, you wait for morning while caressed by my thoughts..

Each moment I feel all the same here, away from you, feeling happy within that somewhere there you are thinking of me..

Me & You - 51

What could be the subconscious element or the immediate instinct that strikes in our head when we meet a person ?

Every one of us have faced such moments. It may require just few to about 90 seconds to develop them. 

As we tend to look at these innate instincts, they seem magical at times..and then either we fall for those people or just don't feel anything or may be won't  even think of them again..

Don't know what to call it, but it definitely proves to be true in further life.. may be that's what we call love at first sight / first meet and you just can't get over it ever.

इक रंग मैं तुझे लगा दूँ, तेरे इश्क़ का !

Me & You - 69

What is freedom in love? Is it seeing that your man is not interested in what you are doing? Is he just letting you do anything? Are you ...